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Nic Carram Personal Trainer


Nic was born in Melbourne and has been living in Byron Bay since 2005 where he is dedicated to a life of health and fitness. His enduring passion for training and his relentless energy make him deeply committed to his clients' goals, providing personal training at the highest level. Expect an innovative workout that changes with every session.

He provides you with the knowledge, techniques and motivation that will empower you to reach your goals. His enthusiasm for team sports see him currently training (strength and conditioning) and playing AFL for the Byron Bay Magpies. Nic is a certified and accredited personal trainer (Fitness Institute Australia). Certified Kettlebell Instructor Level 1+2 (Kettlebell Academy)


Holiday Training


Holidays aren't about eating and drinking lots and putting on weight - they're about relaxing and rejuvenating so you can return home feeling refreshed and vibrant.

Share a training session with your partner, friends, family or just enjoy the session one-on-one. You can choose to train in beautiful outdoor locations around the bay, or within the privacy of your own accommodation.

Sessions are always different and can include resistance training, cardio, boxing and kettle bells, depending on your fitness goals or just how you are feeling at the time! Get into the healthy Byron lifestyle by adding some personal training to your holiday.



Monday—Thursday: 4.00 pm—11.00 pm | Friday—Sunday: 4.00 pm—2.00 am

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