Tom - 21


"Training with Nic has benefited me on many levels. By closely following his detailed fitness and diet program I’ve benefited immensely, losing 5% body fat and gaining 4kg of lean muscle. My career as a male model has been furthered greatly, with me booking more jobs than I ever have before."


Tracy - 45


"I’ve been training with Nic for 12 weeks and in that time I’ve lost 11kg. These are the kind of results I’ve been frustratingly unable to achieve after years of training in the gym. The sessions were always excitingly varied and I particularly loved the kettlebells and boxing."


Sarah & Jody - 26,27


"Nic seriously changed the way we feel about exercise. His passion for fitness make us excited about it too. We love that we can train as a pair and with Nic’s ever-changing routines we are never bored! We are constantly learning the most effective ways to change our bodies, which are a far cry from the humdrum treadmill routine."



Monday—Thursday: 4.00 pm—11.00 pm | Friday—Sunday: 4.00 pm—2.00 am

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